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Diligence! March Candle + Spa Box

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spring is in the air!

soy candles

    spring into bliss with sweet and spicy aromas

        vegan tea

            relax, energize, and focus • 16 tea bags

                jade facial massage roller

                  jade is a healing stone and a symbol of purity and tranquility. it stimulates health, wealth and longevity. jade soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts. this stone is associated with the heart chakra and is known to increase love and attract good luck. balances the fluid within the body, calms the nervous system and smoothes skin. cleansing stone which assists in the removal of toxins and detoxifies the blood. working on one side of the face and repeat on opposite side. repeat 4-6 times. use the large part of the roller, begin on neck center and roll outward. on the chin, slide outward following jawline toward the ear. place the roller next to the mouth and gently slide upward. start next to the nostrils, drain outward toward the ears. using the small part of your roller drain up next to the nose. slide outward under the eyes toward the temples. change to the large roller and begin between the eyebrows slide up toward the hairline. drain upward and outward on entire forehead.
                  • bonus + soaking salts

                  • bergamot + epsom infusion

                  candle + spa box by wicked flame

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