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Candle Subscription Box: Libations (June Spoilers)

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Hey Beautiful!

Summertime is around the corner and we're ready to sashay our way into the season. 

When we curated the libations box, we were thinking about nothing other than summer fun. Whether it's a cocktail or mocktail, this box delivers a splash of intoxicating libation themed candles and vegan goodies to warm your spirit.

Unleash your fabulous self all summer with these deliciously scented essentials. 

libations theme: inspiring warm and festive spirits!

the candles

  • piña colada  mouthwatering cocktail blended with pineapple, coconut and rum. inspiring a cool tropical breeze.
  • sangria • sweet red wine infused with tropical fruit and calming essential oils.
  • sex on the beach • our favorite summer libation! orange, berries, peach schnapps and a splash of vodka.
the vegan goodness 
  • sweet martini body scrub • refreshing exfoliant and antioxidant for any skin type. sugar cane, shea butter, jojoba and rosehip oils leaves skin silky smooth. scoop between fingers and apply to wet skin in circular motion. rinse and pat dry. use anywhere but your face!
  • passionfruit cooler / moscow + mojito / shirly temple / marionberry + lime  stay cool this summer with our aloe body gel. this sensational treat cools and calms skin leaving behind a delicate and fresh scent. use as a facial masque, eye gel, soothing body gel or moisturizer. tips: as a masque, apply generously and leave on for 5-20 minutes before rinsing off. as a moisturizer, apply a thin layer and allow to soak in.* 

*varies based on profile


  • wine glass tumbler (tag us and show off your personalized wine glass)
  • candle matchbox 
  • libations playlist 
We hope you continue to enjoy this month's candle subscription + spa box and look forward to curating something wicked in your next box...

wicked flame

Libations Candle Subscription Box

Enjoy your candle subscription + spa box! 

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