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Announcing April's Theme: Sakura!

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We're excited to launch our new subscription box in April! The Sakura theme celebrates life, renewal, and hope. 

At Wicked Flame, we're all about living well. It's a lifestyle and state of mind. Helping others find bliss is what we do. We rely on nature and the power of essential oils, herbs, and aromatherapy to keep us balanced. 

Self-care is essential and our products serve as tools working together to foster a blissful and serene atmosphere. 

So, this month, enjoy the carefully selected candles and vegan body products in your box! All artisan made with your relaxation and comfort in mind. 

Why Sakura? 

Tis' the season. Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. It is anticipated each year with celebrations taking place throughout the region. I had the pleasure of taking part in Hanami (cherry blossom viewing and feasting) and never looked at the cherry blossom tree the same. 

It's the celebration of life and how short and sweet it is. There's a small window of time to catch them in bloom as they rise and fall quickly. 

Here's to wellness, beauty, renewal and hope. 

Each item inside your April subscription box is inspired by the season. Get ready to feel renewed, beautiful and hopeful. 

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