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Announcing May's Theme: Serenity!

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The May Serenity Candle Subscription + Spa Box is sold out. 


Announcing the theme for May: Serenity! 

When life happens, which seems to be all day every day, it is easy to get off track. You ever notice how fast you can amp up to jump the track but how long it takes to wind back down? It’s easier to lose your composure than to maintain it especially in the eye of the storm. 

For May, our candle and spa subscription box features products that work together to help you breathe easy, focus, and maintain a sense of calmness and clarity.

We’ve mixed a complex blend of fragrance, essential oils and aromatherapy oils to soothe and fuel inner peace.

Our mind & body work collectively together. When our mind is off balance, so is everything else. It takes practice to keep your mind free of traffic.

There are positive mental habits you can employ to help such as affirmations, breathing exercises or prayer.

Personally, I love the Serenity Prayer.  It reminds me to focus on accepting things I can't change, finding courage to change what I can, and allowing wisdom to guide my understanding.

Then there's the physical. Having the right combination of tools that evoke bliss is what you'll find in the May box. Inspired by better living and everything serene. 

As soon as your mind wanders off in the wrong direction, pull an item from your box and reclaim your time and spirit. Plus, we're going to give you a bonus treat to carry with you on the go.

Get ready to wrap yourself in tranquility… 

Whatcha' waiting for? Reserve your box today. You have until May 11th or until supplies run out to order your serenity subscription box. Don't get waitlisted. April's Sakura box sold out! 


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